Comply Technology

Try them. You’ll never settle for anything less.

Comply™ foam ear tips are engineered for comfort and performance with signature viscoelastic memory foam technology that conforms to the ear canal and responds to body temperature for a dynamic, custom fit.

Fit for Life

Your ear canal changes with movement and temperature. With Comply Foam ear tips, your earbuds change with you.

They expand to perfectly, comfortably mold to your ear canal and adjust as you work, play, listen, run, sweat, perform, live. Our proprietary technology delivers a true fit that seals in low frequency energy. It won’t leak bass, which means a richer sound. And precision-engineered friction means ear tips stay put and stay comfortable.

Level Up

Built-in TechDefender™ filters protect earbuds from wax, debris, and sweat. Our filters are acoustically transparent, with fewer than 2dB transmission loss.

100% guarantee

You have to hear it to believe it. And thanks to our 100% guarantee, that’s exactly what you can do. If the ear tips you choose don’t stay put, we’ll find you ear tips that do.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Memory Foam + Body Heat Activated = The Perfect Fit

100% better grip than traditional silicone eartips.
30x softer than silicone means 30x more comfort.
Enhanced sound at lower volume means safer listening.