KZ ZS10 Pro foam tips from Comply Foam will brighten your day and your everyday sound experience. Get less ambient noise on calls, better quality in your music, and all-day comfort in the fit of your ZS10 Pro IEM, ZS10 earbuds, or other KZ earbud models with Comply Foam replacement tips. Read More

KZ Earbuds + Comply Foam = OMG

Many music lovers are fans of KZ earbuds because they offer a great listening experience at an affordable price point. Comply Foam can take the sound quality of your KZ 'buds even further with enhanced noise cancellation and a truly custom fit, guaranteed.

When you pair your KZ ZS10 earbuds with Comply Foam tips, you get:

  • A dynamic custom fit created when your body heat activates our signature viscoelastic memory foam technology to conform to the unique contours of your ears
  • Our acoustically transparent TechDefender™ filter that blocks moisture and debris from entering the sound port for ultimately cleaner earbuds
  • Our 0% Risk, 100% Fit Guarantee
  • Free shipping on all domestic orders
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