Super.Fi 5 Pro

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Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earbuds deliver a rock-solid listening experience. Go further with Comply Foam tips that enhance both the noise cancellation and the fit of your 'buds. Listen like a rock star with Comply Foam technology and Ultimate Ears innovation working together to level up the beat. Read More

Comply Foam & 5 Pro Review

Due to the premium quality and craftsmanship of Ultimate Ears 5 Pro, countless users are leaving enthusiastic reviews for these earbuds. But Comply Foam tips bring a serious upgrade to any Ultimate Ears earbuds, including the UE 700 and 10 models. Benefits include:

  • Our signature viscoelastic memory foam technology that responds to your body temperature for a dynamic custom fit
  • Our acoustically transparent TechDefender™ filter that blocks moisture and debris from entering the sound port
  • Our 0% Risk, 100% Fit Guarantee
  • Free shipping on all domestic orders
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