With Moondrop Starfield Comply Foam tips, you'll get a heavenly listening experience. If you fell in love with the stylish look of Moondrop Starfield, foam tips from Comply Foam can make your romance last with custom all-day comfort and next-level noise reduction. Read More

Starfield Earbuds & Comply Foam: A Match Made in Heaven

Pair your Moondrop earbuds with the innovative tech of Comply Foam for celestial sound and a divine fit. Your specially designed Moondrop Starfield foam tips include:

  • Our signature viscoelastic memory foam technology, which responds to your body heat and creates a dynamic custom fit by conforming to the unique contours of your ears
  • Our 0% Risk, 100% Fit Guarantee
  • Free shipping on all domestic orders

How to Clean Comply Foam Tips

Every three months or so, wipe Comply Foam tips with a soft, damp cloth and let them air dry. Seriously - that's all you need to do when it comes to care and use of Moondrop Starfield Comply Foam tips.

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