Life Dot 2

Life Dot 2 earbuds deliver superior sound that goes the distance. Level up your Soundcore Life Dot 2 and other Anker Soundcore earbud models with Comply Foam replacement tips. We'll revolutionize your expectations for audio quality and all-day comfort with enhanced noise reduction and a truly custom fit, guaranteed. Read More

Life Dot 2, Comply Foam & You

From the tunes that power your workout to the conference calls that fuel your career, you depend on your Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 to bring clarity to your life. Go further by adding Comply Foam tips that are specially designed to fit your Life Dot 2 to a T.

When our signature viscoelastic memory foam technology warms up to your body heat, our replacement tips conform to the natural contours of your ears for a comfortable fit that stays put all day. Order with confidence knowing we offer a 0% Risk, 100% Fit Guarantee.

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TrueGrip™ Pro TW-200-A Foam Ear Tips


4 sizes available