Want to pump up the extra bass in your Sony MDR-XB50AP earbuds? Comply Foam replacement tips designed for MDR-XB50AP earbuds help block external noise while conforming to your ear's natural contours. That custom fit helps create an elevated listening experience that goes anywhere. Read More

Comply Foam & Sony XB50AP: Extra Bass & All-Day Comfort

When you want to feel the bass notes in your soul, a Sony Extra Bass earbud headset brings big energy to your favorite beats. Level up that foundation with the innovative design and true fit of Comply Foam tips that won't leak bass, ensuring richer music quality. Plus, the comfortable fit enhances noise cancellation for better clarity on calls.

Our signature viscoelastic memory foam technology responds to your body heat and movement, molding to the unique contours of your ears for a dynamic custom fit. That means your Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass earbuds will stay put throughout your demanding workout and busy day.

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