M6 Pro

MEE M6 Pro IEMs are a musician's best friend. Rock out harder onstage or on the road with Comply Foam replacement tips leveling up the sound quality and noise cancellation of your MEE Audio M6 Pros. Read More

Custom Fit for MEE M6 Pro Earbuds

With an upgraded build and options for custom-engraved faceplates, the MEE Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen smokes the competition in full-range sound levels. Comply Foam takes that creative edge even further with MEE6 replacement tips that help eliminate noise and amp up bass frequencies without turning up the volume.

That happens when our signature viscoelastic memory foam technology responds to your body heat to conform to the natural contours of your ears. This dynamic custom fit seals in every bass note while enhancing noise cancellation for a richer, truer listening experience.

Plus, they'll stay put through every sweaty rehearsal and action-packed performance. Need to hear and feel it to believe it? That's cool - we guarantee it.

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