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A Comply Tip for your Apple AirPods has finally arrived!

Posted by Comply Foam Australia on

As many Apple users would know, the standard earphones provided by the company are made from hard materials and supposed to be one-size-fits-all. Well, Comply have been hard at work trying to find a solution for those who own Apple AirPods and EarPods....introducing SoftCONNECT™

At Comply™, we know that everybody is different - that includes your ear canal. Our memory foam tips are designed to expand inside the ear, creating a secure in-ear seal which holds your headphones in place and blocks unwanted external noise.

The new SoftCONNECT™ Tips are designed with a Silicone sleeve which slips over the tip of your AirPod's sound port. Once securely in place, users can happily listen without the fear of their AirPods falling out, or having to re-adjust then in their ears every few minutes.

Currently you can pre-order the new SoftCONNECT™ model online via our website here: Shop SoftCONNECT™ We anticipate this product to arrive very soon, and hope to have them available for purchase around November 11th 2019.

This new model is priced at $34.95 RRP and comes with 2 x pairs and 1 x Storage Pouch.

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