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Comply™ Foam SmartCore™ line is compatible with many standard earphones.
Upgrade yours today.


*SmartCore™ fits on sound port nozzles with a 0.19” - 0.24” (4.8mm - 6.3mm) diameter which is all models under the 200, 400, 500 and 600 series. Does not fit on Etymotic, Klipsch, Shure and Westone brand IEMs.


For any lifestyle, there is a perfect Comply™ Foam earphone tip. Precision-engineered shapes and exclusive materials give you the sound, fit and comfort you crave out of your earphones. Replace your silicone rubber tips with the ultimate earphone upgrade.

Made with patent-pending SmartCore™ technology and featuring specially designed shapes, the Comply™ SmartCore line securely fits most earphones* on the market.

*SmartCore™ fits on sound port nozzles with a 0.19” - 0.24” (4.8mm - 6.3mm) diameter.

Audio Pro with WaxGuard™: Spherical shape optimized for ultimate comfort and listening experience

Sport Pro with SweatGuard™: Block out noise distractions and keep earphones in place during rigorous activity

Variety Pack Pro: Includes 2 pairs of Audio Pro and 1 pair of Sport Pro

Isolation: Tapered design for increased noise isolation and perfect seal


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