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Comply™ Story

Anyone can make a tip that fits your earphones.
We created a tip that fits your ear. Perfectly.

Welcome to our world, where science and passion collide. Truth is, we’re more than sound geeks. We’re ear geeks, 25 years in the making. Our founder has a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He developed the first FDA approved cochlear implant. And after thousands of ear scans on patients back at 3M, an expert on how ear canals work. And how they change. We can’t know the unique shape of each person’s ear canal. So we invented a dynamic foam tip that figures it out for us.

By mastering the science of memory foam and heat activation, our tips form to fit your ear canal — just right. We won’t get into the finer details of how it works. Just know we’re scientists. Pioneers in foam tip technology. So we’ve tested it. A lot. Audiophile or athlete. Traveler or gamer. On a run, on a plane, on a battlefield. Critical communication to audiology breakthroughs. This is comfort, sound, isolation and protection like never before. Fueled by passion for sound. Invented by science-loving nerds. This is your earphone booster. This is the sound of science.

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